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Walls & Siding

completed retaining wall project

Walls and siding may not be the most impressive or glamorous aspect of masonry, but any home builder will know how vital well-constructed walls and siding are. We can use brick, stone or concrete to give your house a beautiful and functional veneer or siding, as well as building such things as retaining walls for your property. In additional to home walls, Rochester Masonry & Concrete can also construct retaining walls to meet your landscaping needs. Retaining walls are crucial to manage water drainage and erosion on your property. They can provide both aesthetic appeal and function – a combination we’re always looking to deliver to our client.

Brick Veneer

While in the past homes may have been constructed with brick as their actual support, it is very uncommon nowadays to have solid brick walls. Instead, brick homes are made by first building wood frame walls, the exterior of which is covered by a relatively thin veneer or siding made from brick. This approach is extremely effective, combining the speed, convenience and insular function of wood frame construction, with the beauty and weather resistance of brick materials. All while saving you on cost and time of building your walls out of solid brick.

Brick veneer can be either traditional, meaning full-size bricks joined with mortar just as you would imagine any type of brick masonry, or brick tile. Brick tile, also known as thin brick, is more like tiling than actual brick and can be considered more “faux brick” than traditional brick veneer. While brick tile is cheaper, it doesn’t look as good up close, nor does it provide all the same benefits of traditional brick siding.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide a very important function for landscaping: they retain and hold back soil that would otherwise spill and form a hill-like mound. Retaining walls can be built from a variety of materials including concrete cinder blocks, stone and brick. Cinder blocks are one of the most cost effective methods, while being a bit less easy on the eye than other options. Concrete as a material is incredibly versatile, and can be customized for a whole variety of appearance, meaning no matter the aesthetic of your home and landscape, concrete can be made to match. It can also be made to mimic stone or brick. Of course, for beauty and sophistication, no option can match a stone retaining wall. While a more expensive option, it may well be worth it if aesthetics and raw durability are your priorities.

Building Your Retaining Wall

We’re ready today to get started planning your retaining wall project. There’s a lot of variables at play here, including the wall height, the material, the state of your ground, the length and layout of the wall, and so on. It might seem like a lot to weigh and manage, but Rochester Masonry & Concrete is here to make the whole process easier than you ever thought it could be. So whether you need concrete, cinder blocks, bricks or stone, we can do it for you.