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Stamped Concrete

masonry concrete worker doing concrete finishing

When it comes to your concrete finishing needs, Rochester Masonry & Concrete can provide whatever it is you require for completing surfaces in and around your home, and we can notably offer stamped concrete, an increasingly popular style of concrete finishing.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Put simply, stamped concrete is concrete that’s modified with a texture or pattern in order to make it look, well, less like concrete – and more like other materials like brick or stone. Stamped concrete typically consists of altering or adding a base color to the concrete, optionally adding an accent color, and finally a pattern is stamped into the concrete. So while the underlying material of concrete mixture is the same, the appearance is very difference from ordinary grey concrete.

Why Stamped Concrete?

Concrete as a material has a myriad of advantages, including its strength, longevity, ease of installation and affordability. However, your standard generic concrete has one major downside: it doesn’t look very good. If you’d like to improve the aesthetics of your concrete driveway, patio or walkway, stamped concrete is an ideal way to do so. You can get the appearance of brick or stone without the cost. This option is becoming more and more commonly requested among homeowners, and we understand why – it’s a great combination of cost-efficiency and beauty.

How Do We Stamp Concrete?

At Rochester Masonry & Concrete we use only the best quality tools and materials for the concrete services we provide to you. We color concrete by using premium powder pigment to dye the concrete before finishing it. This can be done one of two ways – dyeing the entire concrete mixture, or else simply dyeing the surface level of the concrete while it’s still wet.

The stamping itself is a crucial part of the process to get your stamped concrete surface looking beautiful. There are dozens of different stamping patterns to choose from, ranging from pattern imitating slate, stone, brick or even wood. We can help show you an array of possible choices and advise you on what choice would best suit your needs.

Once you’ve chosen the color, pattern and texture of your stamped concrete surface, the actual procedure can run its course, which is a matter of tamping the pattern into the wet concrete surface using our top of the line tools.

Finally, sealing stamped concrete is key to protect your new surface from being damaged by the elements, as well as maintaining its color and appearance. We can seal your concrete using premium sealants, which will be in the hands of our experienced work crew. From start to finish, we can support and guide you through the process of endowing your home with a beautiful stamped concrete surface.

Concrete Maintenance and Repair

Should your stamped concrete become damaged or worn over time, we can also offer maintenance and repair for your concrete. Whether it needs to be cleaned, resealed, or more drastically repaired, we can do this for you. Replacement is always an option too, though we do believe in saving our customers time and money whenever possible!