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Rochester Masonry & Concrete is ready to provide any type of masonry on concrete service you might need today. Looking for brick veneer for a classy touch on your home’s exterior? We can do that for you. Need a concrete driveway poured or repaired? It’s our specialty. Or maybe you’d like to construct a patio with a beautiful stamped concrete finish? We can do that too. All of the above and more we can do for you, and we take every measure we can to ensure that the result will be of the highest quality and consistency, while remaining cost effective for your benefit. Our team of masonry and concrete contractors are veterans of the trade and have extensive experience in every time of project you could imagine. As a result, we can deliver our services professionally and efficiently, so you can be confident about putting the integrity of your home in our hands.

We value communication with our clients as a highest priority – because if you don’t fully understand the needs, desires and goals of your customers, how can you give them what they want? To that end we’d like to hear from you and start a conversation. It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a simply inquiry about the extent of our services, or if you’re ready to start planning your project, we want to hear from you. Our contact information is listed here on our website so please don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello. We’re waiting to hear from you!