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Concrete Finishing & Repair

masonry concrete worker doing concrete finishing

Concrete is one of the most popular and flexible materials for construction, due to its strength and versatility. But in order to have the most aesthetically pleasing appearance, it’s crucial to perform high quality finishing on your concrete construction. Rochester Masonry & Concrete offers a full range of concrete finishing services to fine tune your concrete installation, and we also can provide concrete repair for when your older concrete starts to succumb to damage, wear and tear.

Concrete Finishing and Texturing with Screeds and Trowels

A screed is a specialized tool that is key to the concrete finishing process. After concrete has been laid, a screed is used to flatten the surface of the concrete, filling in any holes or gaps in the surface, as well as taking away any bumps or unevenness. Once screeding is complete, the concrete slab’s surface will be at the appropriate grade. A typical screed looks like an extended piece of wood or metal – a simple tool, but an important one. We know exactly how to apply a screed to your concrete surface to aid in an immaculate finish.

After screeding ensures a level surface on a broad level, it’s time to use trowels to bring the concrete to an even smoother and finer finish. Trowels come in both small handheld varieties, as well as large power trowels for larger-scale, industrial applications. We have access to every kind of trowel, because we believe in having the right tools for the job, big or small, so that you get the best results.

In addition, we can provide a variety of textured finishes for your concrete surface. Concrete that hasn’t been textured can be a safety hazard if people are meant to walk on the surface. We can provide texture finishing with many different options such as broom finishing, salt finishing, and stamped concrete finishing. Finally, concrete can be colored, stained and polished for the best possible result.

Concrete Repair

Concrete, while a very sturdy and powerful material, can be damaged in a variety of ways. Cracks are one of the most common types of concrete damage, and will surely appear sooner or later. They can range from minor hairline cracks to much more significant types. If the crack is large enough for water to seep into, it’s very important to address the crack as soon as possible to prevent further damage. We believe that often a repair in time can save more drastic repair or replacement further down the road, sparing you expense and time, so if your concrete is damaged get in touch with Rochester Masonry & Concrete as soon as possible.

Lifting and settling are another symptom of damage concrete – you’ve seen this all the time on uneven sidewalks that are poorly maintained. Typically caused by tree roots, or inclement climate disrupting the underlying soil, lifting and settling are not only unsightly but can be dangerous to people walking on the concrete. In all but the most extreme cases we can repair and resurface concrete in order to help you avoid a costly, irritating and time-consuming concrete replacement job. Other businesses might try to hustle you into a replacement so they can earn more profit, but we believe in prioritizing our customer’s welfare above profit, so if you’d like to know more about whether your concrete damage can be effective repaired, reach out to us today.