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Chimneys & Fireplaces

completed masonry concrete fireplace

With modern heating and ventilation systems, many newly built homes have long foregone what used to be a staple of every house: a fireplace and chimney. While this piece of a household may no longer be strictly necessary for functional purposes, there’s something irreplaceably cozy and elegant about a beautiful fireplace in your living room. At Rochester Masonry & Concrete, we can serve all you chimney and fireplace needs to take your interior to a level of comfort and sophistication far beyond its starting point. Let us bring you a fireplace that will elevate the quality of your time spent alone or with family around your living room on a cold winter’s day.

Styles of Fireplace

There are many different types of fireplace that you may have or desire in your home. Wood burning fireplaces are the most traditional and familiar option, and they bring all the romanticism of old-fashioned fireplaces with the precise engineering and perks of modern fireplace technology. Wood burning fireplaces are simple to maintain, cost-effective and use the natural renewable fuel that is wood, as opposed to gas or electricity.

Gas fireplaces are a convenient, modern option that allow you to carefully control heat levels and operation. They allow for a smaller and less intrusive chimney as well, compared to wood burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are also increasingly popular, giving you many options over the heat of your fire and allowing you to save money. The electric option is also the safest if you have young children or animals around your household. Furthermore, electric fireplaces require no chimney. And with both gas and electric fireplaces, there’s no need to clean up the ash and burnt wood after you’re done enjoying the warmth of the fire.

There’s also outdoor fireplaces, which are a great complement to your patio or exterior seating area. An outdoor fireplace brings all the benefits of a fire pit while being far safer and cleaner to operate. Outside, a fireplace has the dual benefit of not only providing warmth, but also light. This sets a fantastic, intimate atmosphere while saving on your electricity bills.


Wood burning and gas fireplaces will require proper-functioning chimneys to ensure they continue to work effectively, and to make sure there is proper ventilation so that your fireplace is safe to enjoy. That said, chimneys can be a beautiful aesthetic addition to your home on top of their utility. At Rochester Masonry & Concrete, we build chimneys and fireplaces from brick or stone. The design of the chimney can be tailored to the needs of your home, as there’s no “one size fits all” solution that will bring you the results as well as a custom built fireplace and chimney.

While some homeowners opt for prefabricated chimneys, those are almost never as aesthetically pleasing nor as functional as masonry chimneys. Fireplaces and chimneys built from masonry materials like brick and stone will last you for life with proper care and maintenance. Prefabricated installations wear out and break down far faster and will cost you time and money to keep running. If you’d like to know more about the fireplace and chimney masonry services we can offer, get in touch with us today.