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Brick & Stone Masonry

masonry concrete worker doing brick layering

Masonry, or the art of building with brick and stone, is one of the oldest trades in the world, going back to the ancient Egyptians and further. Though the technology, methods and materials have changed nowadays, the importance of high quality masonry hasn’t diminished one bit. At Rochester Masonry & Concrete we recognize this, and we endeavor to deliver the very best brick and stone services in the Rochester area and beyond. Whether you’d like to improve your home with brick, stone, or you’re not even sure yet, we have the skills and knowledge to advise and support you through the entire process.

Advantages of Brick Masonry

Bricks are typically cheaper than stone and are easier to work with, resulting in savings on labor cost as well – so if your budget is tight, you may want to consider going with brick rather than stone. Bricks can also make for thinner walls than stone, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your needs. Bricks are faster to lay down that stone, so brick masonry work will proceed faster than stone. They use smaller amount of mortar compared to stone which can again save on cost. Bricks also allow a great variety of customization through selection of brick color and style, which can also be mixed and matched, as well as plastering and painting the brick which can result in a huge variety of looks. Finally, bricks are more suited to hot climates where you don’t want to keep in the heat.

Advantages of Stone Masonry

After all that, you may wonder what the advantages of stone are. Well, there’s quite a few good things to say for stone as well! First and foremost, stone is more durable, with unmatched strength. Look at the oldest structure in the world still standing, the pyramids – stone that looks pretty good for being five thousand years old! You won’t find that from bricks. And while you may not be too concerned about the longevity of your masonry thousands of years in the future, that durability will bring benefits in the short term future as well with less wear and tear compared to brick masonry. Another upside is that stone masonry need not be plastered or painted like brick. Stones do a better job of keeping dampness out, so if it’s an exterior wall you’re looking to have constructed in a wet climate, stone will be more effective than brick.

Types of Stone

There’s several types of stone typically used for residential or commercial stone masonry. Granite is a very popular choice due to its tough, durable nature. While it’s heavy, granite also resists heat and other undesirable sources of dirt and damage. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles. Limestone is another choice of stone. Limestone can appear very beautiful due to its origin through fossilized organisms. It is commonly used for tiling or other decorative uses. Finally, marble is a very desirable type of stone which can be used for a variety of purposes for a very classy look.

No matter brick or stone of any variety, no matter what you’re looking to build, Rochester Masonry & Concrete is ready to help you today.