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    Masonry is one of the oldest trades in the world, and at Rochester Masonry & Concrete, we respect the long heritage of builders that we came from. We provide premium quality masonry services for homeowners and builders in the Rochester area. We also are experts in concrete, which while a more modern invention, is no less important. In addition to basic concrete services, we have thorough experience in finishing concrete by dyeing and stamping for a beautiful result. Don’t compromise the integrity of your home by skimping on the very building blocks that make us its crucial components – bring your masonry and concrete needs to us to put them in the right hands.

    About Us

    Rochester Masonry & Concrete has established its brand name on the back of delivering the very best quality masonry and concrete services around. Every one of our employees and contractors are carefully selected to ensure each member of our team provides thorough expertise in the realm of masonry and concrete. You wouldn’t want an unskilled or unexperienced amateur doing your homework – and neither do we. We further guarantee a top shelf end result by consistently updating our techniques with the latest methods and technology available, and our teams always come onsite with a fully-functional set of tools and equipment, plus the very best materials the market can offer. Anything less than that isn’t good enough, the way we see it.


    Our services cover the gamut of all things masonry and concrete related, both for residential and commercial needs. We’re ready and willing to take on your projects, irrespective of how small or big they might be. For every single job we take on, we walk with you step by step through the entire process, being transparent and communicative to ensure that your needs and desires are being met, for the price you want, on the schedule you need. We’ll make sure our end result is to your satisfaction, and if it’s not, we’ll find a way to make it right. That’s what we stand for at Rochester Masonry & Concrete.

    brick and stone masonry project in progress

    Brick & Stone Masonry

    Brick and stone are two of the materials we are absolute experts in, because these are some of the strongest, sturdiest and most beautiful construction materials available. Brick and stone each have their own advantages – brick tends to be cheaper and easier to work with, plus brick allows for a huge range of customization to get the look you want. On the other hand, stone has a special look that just can’t be replaced – and is one of the most durable materials you could ever ask for. We can do both!

    masonry concrete worker doing concrete finishing

    Concrete Finishing & Repair

    In addition to brick and stone, we have your concrete needs covered as well. Concrete is an extremely widespread and versatile material for building and construction, but concrete won’t look great or hold up well to wear and tear without top notch finishing and repair work done. This, we can do. From tamping, smoothing and texturing, from screeds to trowels and broom, we have an array of tools that we use for our concrete finishing service. And on top of that, we also offer concrete repair to help you avoid costly replacement whenever possible.

    “On a friend’s recommendation I used Rochester Concrete & Masonry for my stamped concrete patio. They were ready to get started quickly and quoted a pretty decent price. They got in, got the job done and got out all according to schedule. Really solid service and I’m planning to use them again for my next project.” – Brendan S.

    Stamped Concrete

    Stamped concrete, put simply, is the best way to have a concrete surface in your home that, well, doesn’t look like concrete. Through dyeing and stamping, the raw concrete material can be made to look any color, and to appear like a variety of other surfaces including slate, stone, or brick. We’ll get your stamped concrete surface looking beautiful, and carefully finish it by sealing the surface for maximum protection and lifespan.

    masonry concrete worker doing stamped concrete

    Patios, Driveways & Walkways

    For improving both the appearance and livability of your home, there’s not many substitutes for installing beautiful exterior surfaces ranging from patios to driveways and walkways. Patios bring a comfortable and cozy outdoor experience right out your door, and we’re well familiar with patio construction. We can make your patio from all kinds of concrete, stamped or stained, brick or stone, whatever suits your needs best. And don’t forget driveways and walkways – they may be under your feet and wheels, but they can look beautiful too!

    masonry concrete worker doing concrete patio

    “I had a concrete walkway that was starting to become a real hazard due to lifting and settling. For years I put off getting it fixed until I wondered if it was too late. Rochester Concrete came right in and fixed it to like-new with a minimum of fuss. So glad I didn’t need to redo the whole thing!” – Susan A.

    completed masonry concrete chimneys

    Chimneys & Fireplaces

    Chimneys and fireplaces may seem like they’re fading in relevance, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is, no television will ever replace that special, cozy feeling that a warm fireplace can give you in the cold of winter. We can construct chimney and fireplaces out of brick and stone for that classic, elegant style that imitation fireplaces (or even modern options like electric and gas fireplaces) simply cannot replace.

    masonry concrete walls siding in progress

    Walls & Siding

    Just as brick or stone fireplaces will never truly go out of style, the same is true for brick and stone walls of a house – they’re simply unmatchable in what they offer. That said, the most popular route to go these days is brick and stone veneer, meaning a single layer of brick or stone on the outside of your wood frame walls. This provides the best of both worlds – style, insulation, cost effectiveness and ease of build.

    “Was researching siding for my new house and came across Rochester Concrete & Masonry. Was thinking about going with thin brick but after these guys explained the benefits of traditional brick veneers, I changed my mind – and I’m so glad I did. These guys know what they’re doing.” – Robert L.

    Contact Us Today

    ​We’re prepared to hear from you anytime – starting now. Inquiries of any variety can be made, so if you want to learn a bit more about Rochester Masonry & Concrete that’s fine – and if you’re ready to get started on a project, well, that’s fine too! All you have to do is reach out to us with the contact information listed on our webpage here. Give us the rundown on what your masonry or concrete project parameters are and we won’t waste a second getting started. Strong and healthy relationships with clients are foundational to any good business, so let’s start building ours today.